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A Better Version Of This Tool Is Available

Due to the popularity of this tool, I have created a better version of this tool, The new tools has more features and is totally free to use. You can check it out

Generate Linkedin Posts In Seconds

Generate Linkedin Posts With Hashtags From An Article, From What Happened Today Or From Random Thoughts

Linkedin Post Generator was born out of the need to create content for Linkedin. This tool generates Linkedin posts from an article, from what happened today or from random thoughts with hashtags for you to copy and paste.

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Generate Engaging LinkedIn Posts Using AI

Meet Your Co-Pilot for LinkedIn Content Creation 🔥Gone are the days of spending time on LinkedIn content creation. With our AI-powered LinkedIn post generator, you can create engaging posts in seconds and still keep your own personal touch.

Generate Engaging LinkedIn Post From A Article Or Blog

Reshare your Article On Social Media

Wrote a great article? Share it on LinkedIn multiple times with engaging posts. Our AI will generate unique posts from your article.

Share Your Learnings With Your Audience

Do you read a lot of articles? LinkedIn Post Generator will summarize the article and convert it into a post for you.

Engage With Other Content Creators

Need more engagement on your posts? Summarize someone else article and tag them in your post with the link to their article.

Generate LinkedIn Statuses With Everyday Incidents

Had A Great Conversation With Someone?

Convert your conversation into a post just by typing few words. All we need is What happened and What you thought about it. How cool is that? 🤓

Something Interesting Happened? That made you think?

We all have those moments but we are not able to materialize them into words. Let our AI do that for you.

Convert Random Thoughts Into Engaging LinkedIn Posts

Brainstorm Your Ideas With Your Audience

Having random thoughts? Share them with your audience and get their feedback. Build In Public is the new it.

Something Going In Your Mind?

Do you often have thoughts that you are not able to express? Just type them seperated by a comma and our AI will convert them into a post for you.