SaaS Development Freelancer

Looking for a skilled SaaS development freelancer? I build Robust products from ideation to scale.

Hi, I am Siddharth Verma. A start-up enthusiast with 6+ years of experience. I have worked with over 50+ SAAS companies helping them build robust scalable solutions, product and engineering problems. I am a full-stack developer with a knack for marketing and product development.

What makes me ideal for your next SaaS project?

4 years back I left my comfy job at a big MNC to pursue my passion for SaaS startups. Since then I have worked with over 50+ SaaS companies and build over 10 products.Here is why you should consider me over Agencies and other Developers

A Wide Range Of Skills 🚀

I am a full-stack developer at heart but I have a wide range of skills that I have acquired over the years working with Startups You know how it is. I am proficient in Machine Learning, Devops, Project and Product Management, Marketing and Sales. I really really love sales... I am a people person.

As I exclusively work with Startups and super selective about the clients I worked with. I put my heart and soul not only into the project but also into the success of the company. And I am not afraid to put on any hat to make that happen.
More than once I have acted as Sales Engineer or help founders with their pitch deck. When you work with me you get a partner not just a developer.

I Am A Product Guy ☄️

Even though tech is my first love, I understand what it takes to build a great product. I can help you with your product strategy and roadmap.

Remember those obvious bugs that you wished your developer would have caught?
I don't miss them 🧐

I have worked with and have been trained by some of the best product managers in the industry. I have a keen eye for details and won't bug you with obvious questions. You give me a problem and I will give you a solution.

Excellent Management Skills 🤝

I am a people person and people love me. My previous experience includes working as a CTO and growing a team to 10 people. I have also managed a remote team of 14 people while leading the whole product development. Just to name a few instances.

Not only these teams included amazing engineers but also consited of Designers, QAs and Operations. I firmly believe my management experience will not only help you get started but also scale your product

Took This Journey Multiple Times 🌊

I have been working with startups for over 6 years now. I understand all products are unique but still have a lot in common.
I am familiar with the best practices and tools for building a SaaS product. I Don't waste time in figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Don't take my word for it. Check out my picks for the best tools for your SaaS and judge for yourself.

Best Value For Money 💰

I am not going to lie. I am not the cheapest developer you will find. But most of my clients agree that I am the best value for money. My services starts at 20$ per hour and I promise to give you the best bang for your buck.

Not only I believe I am fast but I also have my own templates and boilerplates that I use to speed up the development process.

Extensive and Strong Network 🌐

Yes, I am a jack of all trades but I know my limits. After being in startup ecosystem for so long I have built a strong network of service providers and problem solvers.

I understand that building a SaaS is a team sport and I am not above asking for help. I can get you tried and tested solutions at a great price.

Best In Industry

Don‘t Take My Word For It

“Siddharth is the person you want to work with! What I love the most is that he understands SaaS both from the product and development side. He is willing to share honest feedback even when that means you won't need his services. He cares about your business the same as you do. That is how real partnerships are built.”

Ivana Todorovic
Co-founder & CEO at AuthoredUp

“I had an idea and an MVP spec sheet. It's difficult being a first time founder because there are many surprises, good and bad. We decided to hire Siddharth and his team for our product, and I cannot recommend him enough. Getting a trusted and skilled dev team that knows how to get stuff done was everything we needed. We are still working together, 2 years later. If you are a SaaS startup and have no clue who to hire, take my word for it and go for them.”

Purushottam Kiri
Founder at Contenteum

“We have been taking professional services from Siddharth since last couple of quarters and it's been a great experience for us.He has shown immense accountability and ownership of things.Sound understanding of what fits where well.Siddharth has always surprised us with his awareness on all these areas through which he was able to suggest lots of less-known but high quality options that helped our development and release cycle faster, high-quality, and smart.”

Puneet Verma
Co-founder at Moovo

“I had a discussion with Siddharth about the MVP for my product. He quickly understood the problem statement and gave me relevant and practical pointers. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge and the clarity he has in the SAAS ecosystem.”

Maciek Ziętek
Founder at Focusity