Generate Articles With One Click

Generate comprehensive articles with one click using SERP Analysis and State of the Art AI

This tool can generate 500-800 word articles with one click. It uses SERP Analysis to research the topic and then uses state of the art AI to generate the article. I would highly recommened to edit the article and add your own flair to it 🔥

Select From 60+ Countries

6 Credits/Article Generation

Does The World Needs Another Article Generator?

Most tools, uses GPT3 to generate articles. But GPT3 is not perfect. This tool takes a unique approach, It uses a custom trained model and an unique algorithim to do SERP analysis. Which produces more comprehensive articles.

Competitive Advantage

I have consulted many companies for GPT3 generation and have been using this technology for a while. I have seen the limitations of GPT3 and have developed a unique approach to generate articles.

Custom Trained Model

A custom trained model is used for article generation. This model is specifically trained for article generation and trained on a decent dataset of articles.

Unique Algorithm

A lot goes on behind the scenes to analyze the SERP and generate article. This tool leverages already performing SERP for competitive advantage.

Easy & Efficient

This tool just takes a keyphrase and a target location and handles the rest. You can have a full article under 2 minutes.

Supports 60+ Countries

You can curate articles for a target location. This tool brings 60+ countries at your fingertips.

Easy To Edit

The generated article can be easily edited in the editor. So you can add your own flair to the output.

Still Not Conviced? Check out my crash course on GPT3 to learn more about GPT3 and how it works.